Price May Change without Notice

Regular Roll or Hand Roll


R1. Tuna Roll 3.25
R2. Salmon Roll 3.25
R3. Yellowtail Roll 3.25
R4. Alaska Roll
Salmon, avocado and cucumber
R5. Tuna Avocado or Cucumber Roll 3.25
R6. Salmon Avocado or Cucumber Roll 3.25
R7. Spicy Tuna Roll 3.25
R8. Spicy Salmon Roll 3.25
R9. Spicy Yellowtail Roll 3.25
R10. White Tuna Roll 3.25
R11. White Tuna Avocado or Cucumber Roll 3.25
R12. Spicy White Tuna Roll 3.25


R13. Avocado Roll 3.25
R14. Sweet Potato Roll 3.25
R15. Spicy Shrimp Roll 3.25
R16. Fusion Roll
Fish and avocado deep fried
R17. Cucumber Roll 3.25
R18. Veggie Roll
Cucumber and avocado
R19. California Roll
Crabmeat, avocado and cucumber
R20. Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll 3.25
R21. Philadelphia Roll
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado
R22. Boston Roll
Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and mayo
R23. Shrimp Tempura Roll 3.25
R24. Salmon Skin Roll 3.25
R25. Futo Maki 3.25
R26. C & C Roll
Crabmeat and cream cheese
R27. Chicken Tempura Roll 3.25
R28. Oshinko Roll 3.25
R29. Crab Roll 3.25
R30. Spicy Crab Roll 3.25